house1 W1S1 [haus] n plural houses [ˈhauzız]
1¦(where someone lives)¦
6 in house
7 put/set/get your (own) house in order
8 bring the house down
9 be on the house
10 house wine
11 get on/along like a house on fire
12 set up house
13 keep house
15¦(royal family)¦
17 house of God/worship
18 this house
[: Old English; Origin: hus]
a) a building that someone lives in, especially one that has more than one level and is intended to be used by one family
a four bedroom house
in a house
every room in the house
at sb's house
We met at Alison's house.
Why don't you all come over to our house for coffee?
move house
BrE (=leave your house and go to live in another one)
b) the house
all the people who live in a house
He gets up at six and disturbs the whole house.
2.) ¦(BUILDING)¦
a) opera/court/movie etc house
a large public building used for a particular purpose
b) House
BrE used in the names of large buildings, especially offices
the BBC television studios at Broadcasting House
c) hen house/coach house/storehouse etc
a building used for a particular purpose
a group of people who make the laws of a country
The President will address both houses of Congress.
the House of Commons/Lords/Representatives/Assembly
the speaker of the house
4.) ¦(COMPANY)¦
a company, especially one involved in a particular area of business
America's oldest publishing house
a small independent software house
an auction house
a famous Italian fashion house
5.) ¦(THEATRE)¦
a) the part of a theatre, cinema etc where people sit
≠ ↑backstage
The show has been playing to full houses .
The house was half empty.
The house lights went down and the music started.
b) the people who have come to watch a performance
full/packed/empty house
(=a large or small audience)
The show has been playing to packed houses since it opened.
A cheer went round the house (=everyone cheered) .
6.) in house
if you work in house, you work at the offices of a company or organization, not at home
7.) put/set/get your (own) house in order
used to say that someone should improve the way they behave before criticizing other people
8.) bring the house down
to make a lot of people laugh, especially when you are acting in a theatre
9.) be on the house
if drinks or meals are on the house, you do not have to pay for them because they are provided free by the owner of the bar, restaurant etc
10.) house wine also house red/white
ordinary wine that is provided by a restaurant to be drunk with meals
A glass of house red, please.
11.) get on/along like a house on fire
BrE informal to quickly have a very friendly relationship
12.) set up house
to start to live in a house, especially with another person
The two of them set up house in Brighton.
13.) keep house
to regularly do all the cleaning, cooking etc in a house
His daughter keeps house for him.
14.) ¦(SCHOOL)¦ BrE
in some schools, one of the groups that children of different ages are divided into to compete against each other, for example in sports competitions
an important family, especially a royal family
the House of Windsor
16.) ¦(MUSIC)¦[U]
17.) house of God/worship
literary a church
18.) this house
formal used to mean the people who are voting in a formal ↑debate when you are stating the proposal that is being discussed
→↑doll's house,eat sb out of house and home ateat(10), ↑open house, public house
(as) safe as houses atsafe1 (5)
types of house: terraced house (BrE) row house (AmE) one of several houses that are joined together
detached house (BrE) a house that is not joined to another house
semi-detached house (BrE) a house that is attached to another house on one side
cottage a small house in the country
bungalow (BrE) a small house with one floor
duplex (AmE) a house that is divided into two separate homes
apartment also flat (BrE) a set of rooms where someone lives, which is part of a larger building
condominium/condo (BrE) an apartment in a large building, which is owned by the people who live there
studio apartment/studio also bedsit (BrE) an apartment with one main room and no separate bedroom
a very large house: mansion, palace, country house (BrE), stately home (BrE)
someone who sells houses and land: estate agent (BrE), real estate agent (AmE), realtor (AmE)
someone who rents a house from another person: tenant
someone who owns a house and rents it to people: landlord, landlady
See also: residence, property, dwelling, abode, lease, lessee
house 2
house2 [hauz] v [T]
1.) to provide someone with a place to live
house in
The refugees are being housed in temporary accommodation.
2.) if a building, place, or container houses something, it is kept there
house in
The collection is currently housed in the British Museum.
the plastic case which houses the batteries

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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